Apps for Act!

Act! provides a great base to manage your contacts. Once the database is built, contact Uptime for tools that will enable you to build new business, increase profits and deliver even better results with your contacts.

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User Enhancements / Data Management / Administration Tools

Uptime Act! Master Toolkit – Our selected toolset of 30 applications.

Durkin Computing / ADS Programming / Patricia Egen Consulting / Exponenciel

Mobile and Web Based Act!

HandHeld Contact / Companionlink / WiredContact

Sales Automation and Marketing

QuoteWerks / QSalesData / SwiftPage / EGrabber / DesignR1

Automated Alerts, Reports and Performance Dashboards

TopLine Dash + Alerts / Crystal Clear Reports / Stonefield Query / ESRI Maps

Financial Management

Act! for Advisors

Custom Training Solutions


And SO MUCH more!

If it can be done with Act!, we can make it happen. With over 28 continuous years of Act! experience, Uptime has built relationships with top developers world-wide. If your concern is Act! for Web, Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Implementations, Custom Automation, contact us and we’ll put the right solution together for you.