About Us


30 Years Of Personal Computer Support and Training Experience!

Uptime Business Solutions was founded in 1984 originally as a full service hardware/software reseller, and developed a specialty and reputation for creating client/contact databases that were affordable, easy to use and manage. Our primary focus continues with improving the computer experience of the end-user while meeting business goals for improved productivity, easier processes and better customer relationships.

Over 28 Years with Act!

We migrated our own in-house systems to Act! back in 1987, only a few months after the original product was released. Our reputation for providing Act! support grew when Symantec acquired the product in 1993 and we partnered to support Act! in from large corporate to small/medium-sized businesses. Act! has remained as the leading on-premise contact management solution and now offers cloud services with more deployment and payment options than any other product.

2002 Rising Star Award Award Winning Act! Certified Consulting

Team Uptime received the first Rising Star award from Best Software (now Sage) acknowledging Team Uptime as a leading Act! consulting firm in Canada. Uptime remains exclusively Act! with clients from 1 to 150 networked, synchronized, or web-based users. Our customers can expect service to be friendly, accurate and available.

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